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3D Printing Request Form

Please provide the following information for your 3D printing request. Patrons must have a valid Manitowoc Public Library library card to use this service. Please be advised that 3D printing is a long process; it may take 1-2 weeks for you to receive your 3D print. When your object is ready, you will be notified through the listed preferred contact method. Objects must be submitted in the .STL, .OBJ, .MAKERBOT or .THING format. If you are using the free version of SketchUp, you may submit your file in the .skp format. Maximum printing dimensions are 9.9 (L) x 7.8 (W) x 5.9 (H) inches.

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By clicking the Submit button, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions defined here for use of the 3D printer and the types of objects allowed to be submitted.

Please wait for Success message after clicking Submit (especially for large files).

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