MPL Kids

Staff Picks for Kids

Journey Through Ash And Smoke by Kate Messner

Ranger, the time-traveling golden retriever, has landed in Viking age Iceland, where he helps a girl named Helga journey through the ash and smoke of an erupting volcano to find her father and bring him home.

Genre: Youth

New Kid, The by Karen English

Third-grader Gavin and his friends aren’t sure what to make of the new boy in their class, Khufu. He doesn’t look or act like other kids. When Gavin’s bike goes missing, they think Khufu stole it, but did he?

Genre: Youth

People Shall Continue, The by Simon Ortiz

It is a story of Indigenous peoples of the Americas, specifically in the U.S., as they endeavor to live on lands they have known to be their traditional homelands from time immemorial. Even though the prairies, mountains, valleys, deserts, river bottomlands, forests, coastal regions, swamps and other wetlands across the nation are not as vast as they used to be, all of the land is still considered to be the homeland of the people

Genre: Youth

Plants vs. Zombies: Boom Boom Mushroom by Paul Tobin

With the gargantuars on the run from the Boom Boom Mushroom and Zomboss distracted by a cart of lost socks, the kids and their crazy ensemble must race to stop Zomboss’s evil plan before he swallows the city.
Genre: Youth

Strawberry Shortcake: Volume 5, Food Truck Frenzy by Georgia Ball

Sweet and Sour Grapes have never won a trophy at the Food Truck Festival in Port Orchard, so Strawberry goes undercover to discover the secret to the twins’ rocky ride.

Genre: Youth