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Digitize historical documents. Help make thousands of local history documents available on the web. Involves numbering, scanning, and describing the content of paper documents. We will train you on how to do the computer work. Work alone in a focused, sequential environment.

Sort media. Help process donated items and items that have been removed from the Library’s collection. We will train you on how to assess quality and determine category. As a perk you get first opportunity to purchase used media at great prices. Work alone or with others. Work with a diverse flow of interesting media.

Light clerical/light custodial. Help our Library function well behind the scenes. Make public areas more attractive to visitors. Activities include stamping envelopes, dusting, and making sure books are in order on shelves.

Special events. Provide support to library staff during family programs, summer reading programs, and other promotional, one-time, or short-duration events. Activities include counting attendees, signing people up, distributing materials, and cleaning up.

Teaching literacy. Teaching literacy to adult learners is run through our One-to-One Adult Literacy Partners program. Visit the page at http://www.manitowoclibrary.org/alp/.

Delivering media. Delivering media to those for whom it is not easy to physically visit the Library is run through our Homebound Services program. Visit the page at http://www.manitowoclibrary.org/services/homebound-services/.

Those interested in volunteering should contact Therese Horstketter. She can be reached by phone at (920)686-3044 or via the contact form below.


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