Author: Lesley Kagen

Mutual Admiration Society, The by Lesley Kagen

“Unbeknownst to eleven year old Theresa (Tessie) Finley, she’s in over her head. After hearing a scream and catching a glimpse of a mysterious man carrying a body beneath the flickering streetlights in the cemetery behind her house, Tessie adds solving a murder case to her already quite full to do list. Tessie has elected herself president of the crime-stopping Mutual admiration Society ” … (which also includes her younger sister Birdie and best friend Charlie (Cue Ball) Garfield). (Summary from back cover).

Genre: Book Club Kit, M

Whistling In The Dark by Lesley Kagen

Sally O’Malley made a promise to her daddy before he died. She swore she’d look after her sister, Troo. Keep her safe. But like her Granny always said-actions speak louder than words. Now, during the summer of 1959, the girls’ mother is hospitalized, their stepfather has abandoned them for a six pack, and their big sister, Nell, is too busy making out with her boyfriend to notice that Sally and Troo are on the Loose. And so is a murderer and molester.
Highly imaginative Sally is pretty sure of two things. Who the killer is. And that she’s next on his list. Now she has no choice but to protect herself and Troo as best she can, relying on her own courage and the kindness of her neighbors.

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Genre: Book Club Kit, W