Donate Used Books

Donate Used Books

Manitowoc Public Library is truly appreciative of wonderful and generous donations we receive. Materials gifted to the library in all formats are subject to the Manitowoc Public Library Collection Development Policy. Any items not added to the collection will be given to the Friends of Manitowoc Public Library. Friends of MPL will either make those items available for sale at its ongoing or special event sales, or dispose of the items, as they see fit. The library staff with provide an acknowledgement of the material donation but this will not include a value of the material. Click here for our full Material Donation Policy.

General Donation Guidelines

Please note our current donation limits: Starting June 8, 2021
We will accept 1 grocery bag of donated materials at our front desk. Items will be quickly assessed by staff for acceptance. Items must be in good/complete condition and free of odor.
Donations larger than 1 grocery bag will be accepted BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please contact Therese at or 920-686-3044.
We will not accept drop-in donations larger than 1 grocery bag.

We like to receive:

  • Hard and soft cover adult fiction
  • Paperbacks, less than one year old
  • Children’s books
  • DVDs, Music CDs, and Books on CD, in complete cases
  • Specialty non-fiction items such as Biographies, Green Bay Packers, Collectible jewelry, WWII, cookbooks, crafts

We cannot accept:

  • Encyclopedias or text books
  • Self-help computer books, office manuals, legal books, medical guides
  • Outdated materials or VHS tapes
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Books that are damaged, or dirty, or have odors from being stored in a garage or basement.

We reserve the right to reject items that are not acceptable. Disposing of unacceptable items creates work for staff.
Please check with your local refuse hauler for recommendations on recycling.
Check with local thrift shops for donation options.

Manitowoc Public Library will provide a donation receipt for tax purposes.
We do not assign a value to items donated.