Category: Library Stories

Always a Good Time At Storytime!

Heidi sent us this picture from this morning’s storytime, adding “Love going to storytime! The librarians all do such an awesome job with the kids.”

Storytime Rules!

Heidi sent us this pic of her daughter, Lauren, who wanted to make one things super clear: “Love Storytime! From Singing to Dancing!” You go, girl!

A Wide Array of MPL Friends!

Paula sent us this fantastic picture with the accompanying message: “For our friends in the Kids Department, here is Daisy holding Judy and an egg!! We are very excited!” Us, too!

Acrobats & Wine Tasting: An Evening to Remember!

Shane–who attends library functions nearly enough to be considered an “MPL Insider”–shared the following: “I attended the fundraiser with wine tasting and acrobats. The performers were incredible! I also loved the Kitten Party and Touch the Trucks. People are in awe of those big machines. It is also cool to see so many pieces of the community join together for a program.” Thank you, Shane! Glad to hear you enjoy a wide array of the the things MPL offers programming-wise.

“Always a Great Experience” at the Library.

Krystal reached out to tell us that “The staff in the children’s section ( I don’t know the names of all of them) are always so happy and helpful whenever my family is there and we need help finding a book, have questions, or simply checkout items. It’s always a great experience and makes me keep coming back!!!” Thank you for the wonderful words, Krystal! Can’t wait to see you again. Hopefully soon!

Sizzlin’ Chicken Fajita Time!

Jennifer sent us a picture of the “Sizzlin’ Chicken Fajitas” she made with her family. She found the recipe in the “Mayo Clinic Kids Cookbook” that she found at MPL! Her only comment? “Yum!!” Yum, indeed!

Mira’s a Fan of her New Chapter Books!

Mira has a very sweet Library Story. She wanted us to know that she “was in the library and I asked Miss Susie ‘do you have any All About Sam books?’ ‘I don’t think we do” Miss Susie said. So she took me to where the chapter books that were kind of big ones. We found Ranger in Time by Kate Messner and Main Street: Welcome to Camden Falls by Ann M. Martin. Thank you Miss Susie!! I already finished one!” Our Friendly Neighborhood Librarians are the BEST!

“A Place to Go when You Have to Stay Where You Are.”

Liz Lambert shared this wonderful remembrance with us: “My love of reading started in middle school when the librarian told me reading gives you a place to go when you have to stay where you are. I think the series that got me hooked was M.E Rab’s missing persons series and Tina Wainscott novels. Now days I enjoy cozy mysteries and the works or Brenda Novak.” Thank you so much for sharing, Liz!

Ah, Youth! Sandra’s Fond Library Memories.

“The library is a very fun place. Ever since I was little I remember running up the stairs and looking for all the books I ever wanted. They always had fun activities that I could do with my brother, which I always enjoyed! The library is a very fun place for me and I love getting new books to read.” Our sincere hope, Sandra, is that your MPL experience continues to be great and that more great memories are being built every time that you stop by!

Always a Librarian at the Ready!

Ezra reached out to us (with his mom, Heather’s permission, of course) to pass along that “There once was a time I went to the library and I didn’t quite know what to read, so a librarian suggested a book to read and it ended up being really interesting.” Glad to hear we could help! Never hesitate to ask a Friendly Neighborhood Librarian for a suggestion. They’ve almost always got one at the ready!