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“A Place to Go when You Have to Stay Where You Are.”

Liz Lambert shared this wonderful remembrance with us: “My love of reading started in middle school when the librarian told me reading gives you a place to go when you have to stay where you are. I think the series that got me hooked was M.E Rab’s missing persons series and Tina Wainscott novels. Now days I enjoy cozy mysteries and the works or Brenda Novak.” Thank you so much for sharing, Liz!

Ah, Youth! Sandra’s Fond Library Memories.

“The library is a very fun place. Ever since I was little I remember running up the stairs and looking for all the books I ever wanted. They always had fun activities that I could do with my brother, which I always enjoyed! The library is a very fun place for me and I love getting new books to read.” Our sincere hope, Sandra, is that your MPL experience continues to be great and that more great memories are being built every time that you stop by!

Always a Librarian at the Ready!

Ezra reached out to us (with his mom, Heather’s permission, of course) to pass along that “There once was a time I went to the library and I didn’t quite know what to read, so a librarian suggested a book to read and it ended up being really interesting.” Glad to hear we could help! Never hesitate to ask a Friendly Neighborhood Librarian for a suggestion. They’ve almost always got one at the ready!

Definitely Fans of the Library!

The initially-identified–and quite possibly related–“R S” and J S” got in touch with us to tell us about why they were fond of Manitowoc Public Library. “R S” loves “how quickly the staff responds to my emails and requests. Great library!” “J S,” on the other hand, loves “checking out books and finding a new series [they] haven’t read before!” and “going to the library to do their activities. They always help me find great new books to read.” Fantastic reasons all! Thank you for sharing and for being a part of the MPL family!

4th of July Memories

Even though we’ll be “Painting the Library Red, White, and Blue–From Home” this year, the memories of painting MPL’s windows to celebrate Independence Day are still fresh in the minds of some of the Library faithful. Case in point, Alicia Dewane (Thea and Chase, too) sent us these great photos from a couple years back when they got in the holiday spirit during storytime. “Alicia passed along that they “had an amazing time painting the library for the 4th. We had a great time as a family.” Hopefully, by this time next year we’ll be covering those windows with tempera again!

Baking with Cody!

Cody checked out the cookbook as a part of the Summer Reading Program–there’s a badge that kids can earn for checking out cookbooks and trying new recipes. His Mom shared this picture of the pastry chef-in-training because Cody wanted to let us know that he “made cookies almost by myself from the My Little Pony baking book. They were good!” It looks delicious!

An Anderson Family Tale of Enjoying MPL to the Fullest!

Michelle Andersdon wanted us to know that “My family and I love to come to the library for activities! We especially enjoy Family Activity Nights! We have so many fond memories of coming to see the dogs, owls, snakes, and being read to by police, library staff and even hearing music by symphony members! My daughter’s name is Jordan and she always loved walking in and saying hi to “Jordan” the staff member! When things were shut down due to COVID it seemed like we would lose out on some of our favorite things to do! We are so glad that things are opening up and we get to enjoy our library again!”

Truth be told, we miss Jordan, too! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We’re pretty excited about being open again, as well!

Emma’s an SRP Fan!

Emma Wrote us to let us know that “The summer reading program I think is super fun because it is something for me to do in the summer and for my little sister. It helps her get ready for 4-k. My mom (Sara Zimmerman) also enjoys the summer reading program as well.” It’s always terrific, Emma, to here about a whole family enjoying our Summer Reading Program!

“A Place Full of Great Memories.” Kristin Dewane’s MPL Recollection.

“I always participate in the Summer Reading Program and my husband and kids usually do as well. Over the years various members of the family have won prizes and discovered great new books to read. One memorable year my kids collected the entire Narnia series in paperback by earning free books.

“The staff members are always so helpful and the library is a place full of great memories for us. We have been involved in various organizations that have used rooms and resources at the library including Robotics, a Writers’ club, Homeschool groups and Theater groups. Thanks Manitowoc Public Library for being such an awesome place!”

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Kristin!

A Day of Phenomenal–and Inclusive–Odds & Ends at MPL!

There’s really nothing better than connecting with people in our community! Kayla Schisel writes: “I love coming to the library for so many different odd and ends. My family enjoys the game section to pick from and play. We also enjoy the family passes that you guys used to have. My daughter and stepson also enjoy the summer program every year. I love all the different activities you guys provide. Also all of your staff is very welcoming and understanding. I love how inclusive you guys are in the youth section and my family is able to show all different walks of life.” Thanks, Kayla!