Close To Home

Close to Home—a companion series to the popular “Great Decisions” foreign policy presentations—is a domestic issues series that explores a range of topics that have the potential to impact the daily lives of people within our community.

Family Activity Night: Storytime with Manitowoc Police Department
Tuesday, October 1, 6:30 PM
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Getting our children to comprehend that when the uniform comes off, our police officers are people, too. What better way to convey this than having representatives from the Manitowoc Police Department—in their regular, everyday civilian clothes—read stories with the kids.

Crime Prevention Committee Meeting with Sgt. Andrew Trilling
Thursday, October 3, 6 PM
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The Crime Prevention Committee works in the community to assist law enforcement agencies in their duties. They do this by cooperating with law enforcement in community events and crime prevention activities. The committee listens to public input and discusses what the group is proactively doing, receives updates from school resource officers, and hears from student representatives. They also discuss current scam trends.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting with Sgt. Andrew Trilling
Thursday, October 17, 6 PM
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In 2019, Sgt. Andrew Trilling updated the Neighborhood Watch list, mapped out where we have Block Captains, and where we could use a few more. Sgt. Trilling will be giving a presentation and answering questions from the community about Neighborhood Watch and other safety topics.

Family Activity Night: Junior Police Academy
Tuesday, October 22, 6:30 PM
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Having addressed that police officers are regular people like everyone else earlier in October with “Storytime with Manitowoc Police Department,” this companion piece aims to get our kids comfortable with officers while they’re doing their job. To get this across, we’re playfully having them take on some “training” to help them to better understand their duties.

Understanding Organ Donation with Susan Angel Miller
Thursday, October 24, 6 PM
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Susan Angel Miller—a Milwaukee-based career volunteer whose life changed as a result of a traumatic event in her family—brings the panel discussion “Understanding Organ Donation” to Manitowoc Public Library. Panel members will include a transplant nurse, and organ procurement coordinator, Susan herself, and, hopefully, a donor recipient.

It’s OK To Not Be OK with Jeff Ditzenberger
Monday, October 28, 6 PM
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Jeff Ditzenberger—who long ago set fire to an abandoned structure with the intention of never leaving–now speaks to groups about the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues and talking about suicide, most especially in our rural communities, where stress and anxiety are at all-time highs in the farming industry.