Family Read Aloud Challenge

Family Read Aloud Challenge graphic header illustrating two people sitting on a couch and reading

How it Works:

  • Sign up on Beanstack: (one registration per family!)
  • Read six books out loud together at least 80 pages long, and pick a free book!
  • For ages 4-17 — as long as someone is reading out loud and someone is listening, it counts!
  • Earn up to three books per year.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Read books everyone will enjoy or take turns choosing.
  • Read a parent’s childhood favorite.
  • Re-read a child’s favorite.
  • Extend your reading: trying a recipe. mentioned in a book or draw a picture of a character.
  • If possible, take turns reading out loud.
  • If a book isn’t working for your family, move. on to something new
  • Share a review of one of your favorites and check other reviews in Beanstack.
  • Check out the library read-a-like book lists for suggestions.
  • Most importantly, enjoy reading together as a family!

Families who READ together GROW, together

Use this list of recommended books to jumpstart your family’s read aloud journey.  These titles are intended for a wide range of reading levels.

Youngest Listeners

Middle Listeners

Older Listeners

Oldest Listeners

You know best what is appropriate for your family.

Your local librarian is happy to assist you further in finding your family’s next read!