Family Read Aloud Challenge

Family Read Aloud Challenge

Runs January 1 through December 31

How it Works:

  • Sign up on Beanstack: (one registration per family!)
  • Read six books at least 80 pages long, and pick a free book!
  • For ages 4-17 — as long as someone is reading out loud and someone is listening, it counts!
  • Earn up to three books per year

Tips & Tricks:

  • Read books everyone will enjoy or take turns choosing
  • Read a parent’s childhood favorite
  • Re-read a child’s favorite
  • Extend your reading: trying a recipe mentioned in a book or draw a picture of a character
  • If possible, take turns reading out loud
  • If a book isn’t working for your family, move on to something new
  • Share a review of one of your favorites and check other reviews in Beanstack
  • Check out the library read-a-like book lists for suggestions
  • Most importantly, enjoy reading together as a family!