Lucy Gets Caught Reading!

The following photo and story were submitted by Erin Wedemeier:

“Thank you again for sponsoring this contest.  We caught that picture of Lucy a little over a year ago when we heard her after bedtime rustling around in her crib.  When I peeked in to see what was happening, I found that she had pulled books through her crib rails and was looking at them in the dark. I added a nightlight, took the picture, and gave her my blessing to keep reading. ❤️  It’s still a favorite of mine . . . a true “caught reading” moment! Lucy and I went to story time at the Maritime Museum yesterday and had a blast!  How cool that we got a tour afterward!  Thanks for such fun programming!

“Our ‘home’ MCLS library is Brillion (it’s across the street from our house), but I place holds on just as many books that end up coming from Manitowoc.  I also used to coach Battle of the Books for Brillion for a few years so I am well aware of the power of the Manitowoc Library youth!

“We love participating in events and activities through the MCLS system! Thank you!”