MPL Summer Reading Program Made a Profound Impression!

My mom taught me how to read when I was very young—prior to kindergarten—and I became a voracious reader. My early love of reading quickly led me to Manitowoc Public Library on Hamilton Street and I couldn’t get enough: that grand staircase in the main room, the fact that you could check out framed artwork (I was given permission to pick out the monthly painting we displayed in our living room at home) and the resource section, which I used to acquire the addresses for various chambers of commerce and national parks around the country to get my hands on travel brochures. Not to mention that it was within walking distance from our house on South 14th Street. But most of all, I loved the Summer Reading Program in the Children’s Department. One summer, they had a time travel theme and when you read the required amount of books you were allowed to take a crawl through this Time Tunnel contraption they had set up. I realize now that it was just conjoined cardboard boxes with some Christmas lights strung inside it and some pictures that had been cut out from some magazines, but I loved it. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. My early love of reading urged me on creatively and led me to my belief that imagination and creativity are the most important assets that one can possess. It led me to the library, and as it turns out, I never really left. Tim Gadzinski is the Marketing Associate for Manitowoc Public Library.