Myah Makes a Difference!

This summer, our 12 year old, Myah, participated in the youth Summer Reading Program at Manitowoc Public Library. One week, her checklist included “perform a community service.” Myah wanted to check that box off, so she called the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army told Myah the best way she could get involved would be with obtaining 10th-12th Grade school supplies as that was the biggest and most urgent need in the community. They also said that the Salvation Army doesn’t currently have a program to help the high school students to meet that need. When Myah repeated the message to me, honestly, I thought it was a silly and overwhelming way for a 12-year old to get involved, considering there was no program to connect with and branch off of. I almost hoped she’d let it go. But, as Myah and her siblings picked out their own school supplies, they thought about the high schoolers who wouldn’t be able to choose their own. Without a lot to go on, Myah, and the rest of our family decided to post an ad to social media that she would hold a drawing. Anyone who donated at least 3 supplies would be entered to receive a gift card to a local business.

People responded! Myah received just over $100 in cash donations and enough actual supplies to provide supplies for 11+ students at Lincoln! Our church has caught on and will be dropping another load off this next week! And the entire thing came about just because of the “perform a community service” item on her weekly summer reading checklist! Check out the post about her on the Salvation Army Facebook page. #MakingtheMostofSummer

Submitted by Myah’s mother, Tina; photos supplied by Myah’s father, Tomas