Parents Teach Reading

The computer age is here and reading skills are as important as ever.  At Manitowoc Public Library we emphasize the importance of developing early literacy skills for children every day.  Activities for children and parents at the library use the following guidelines so that the children in Manitowoc have the opportunity to become readers.

  • Talking

Talk to your children and grandchild to increase vocabulary and comprehension

Share pictures and have a conversation about what they see

  •  Singing

Songs help children develop listening skills

Clapping along to rhythms helps children improve motor skills

  •  Share Books 

Reading together with a child is the single most important way to help them get ready to read

Talk about the meaning of the words as you read

  •  Writing

As children scribble and draw, they practice eye-hand coordination and exercise the muscles in the fingers and hands

  •  Playing

Make your home a learning zone

Pretend play helps children develop oral language skills

Parents and caregivers are the children’s first teachers.  They are in the best position to help their children develop early literacy skills.  Manitowoc Public Library is here to help the parents, help the children.

Cherilyn Stewart

Library Director

Source: Every Child Ready to Read @ your library