Subject: Monsters

Your Pal Mo Willems Presents Sam, The Most Scaredy-Cat In The Whole World by Mo Willems

Sam is afraid of anything and everything-except for his friend Leonardo, the terrible monster.
Kerry is afraid of everything and anything-except for her friend Frankenthaler, the other monster.
One day, the two scaredy-cat kids make a particularly scary discovery: each other!
Something has to be done. Something BIG. But what?

Genre: Juvenile works, Picture Books
Subjects: Fear, Friendship, Monsters

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J. K. Rowling

As featured in the first year set texts reading list in harry potter and the philosopher’s stone, fantastic beasts and where to find them is an extensive introduction to the magical beasts that exist in the magical, non-muggle world. Some of the animals featured in the a-z you will have already met in the existing harry potter books: for example hippogriff, flobberworm, kappa – others you certainly won’t: read on to find out exactly what a chizpurfle is, or why one should always beware of the sinister lethifold

Genre: Books to Movies
Subjects: Animals, Monsters

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Thirteen-year-old Conor awakens one night to find monster outside his bedroom window, but not the one from the recurring nightmare that began when his mother became ill–aancient, wild creature that wants him to face truth and loss.

Genre: Books to Movies
Subjects: Monsters, Mothers and sons