Update: Library Building Open

Due to the pattern of declining cases of COVID-19 throughout Manitowoc County, Manitowoc Public Library reopened the building to the public on February 17, 2021. The Library Board would like to thank the community for their patience and flexibility during the recent peak of the pandemic.

The Library will continue to uphold safety protocols and restrictions to protect patrons and staff. These temporary changes, which are based on CDC recommendations, will be in place for the foreseeable future, although library leadership will continue to frequently reevaluate the situation. For a complete list of safety protocols, visit the COVID-19 Updates page.

Curbside Pickup Services
For your safety and convenience, the Library will continue to provide curbside pickup services during all open hours. Call 920-686-3010 to arrange pickup of materials ahead of time. For full instructions on Curbside Pickup, visit the COVID-19 Updates page.

curbside pickup

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Internet/Broadband Expansion Initiative

The Manitowoc Public Library along with other Wisconsin libraries are working jointly to collect ISP (Internet Service Provider) data speeds to help support the Governor’s efforts to bring accessible Broadband options to areas where there are limited options or no options at all.

These reports can help the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband Access and other broadband task groups target initiatives to improve internet speeds and performance. In order to get an accurate picture of the state, we need a lot of data. That’s where you come in.

We are asking all visitors to please run a Speed Test to help with this task. Only your internet provider, connection speed rates, & client data are collected. No other data is collected whatsoever. This will NOT go against your data caps.

Click Here for the Speed Test

What does this mean to me & why should I care?
By performing a speed test we can bring up hard data to our state’s government that not only rural but even city internet service options are less than great and are in need of a overhaul or at least expansion in our state.

My internet connection is fine, why is this a big deal?
Perhaps now it is fine; but incoming data caps, more people in your neighborhood connecting to the same service, & raising monthly charges will absolutely change your experience much sooner than later.

These issues affect your ability to enjoy streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+), play new video games (video games require software patches upwards to 100-400GB of data!), & perform updates to your smart phones/watches, laptops/desktop PCs, & even your car.

Sure, but how does a speed test help?
Great question, with your help by performing a speed test via the link above, we can use your connection data to show that not all internet connections are equal and a lot of them are woefully slow and inadequate for working at home, virtual learning for children, reviewing smart devices we have at home, etc.

With this data we can prove to not only our state’s government, but to the federal government that America is behind the curve for internet access, and to use the recently passed bill of 7 billion dollars to upgrade our states infrastructure to provide better options, expansion to those who do not have options, and provide Wisconsinites the ability to work from home, engage in virtual learning for children for school, & reconnect with family via video chat.