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Library summer hours are in effect. MPL will be closed every Sunday through Labor Day. All other hours remain the same.

A Peek Behind the Curtains at Changes You May Have Missed at Manitowoc Public Library

The following article was written by Stacey Bialek, the Facilities Manager at the Manitowoc Public Library.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” commands the “wizard” from the 1939 MGM classic film “The Wizard of Oz.” He does this because he fears that Dorothy and her entourage are going to discover that all the lights, sounds, and atmosphere were not produced by magic, but rather by a mere mortal who was only trying their best to protect and comfort all who sought out his help. Dissimilarly, Manitowoc Public Library invites you to take a peek behind our curtains to appreciate the areas we have prioritized and the changes we’ve been working on to improve your experience here.

One of our priorities is Communication. We have nearly completed our bilingual, way-finding signs that help to direct our patrons and visitors to not only our vast and diverse collections, but to other amenities such as restrooms, meeting rooms, service desks, business equipment, and special interest areas. Invariably, we also strive to improve the technological aspects of our meeting rooms and system controls. In the past, recent upgrades have been made to the audio-visual equipment in our public meeting rooms to improve both their performance and accessibility, as well as improvements to our building software that controls and monitors security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and fire safety.

Another priority is Lighting. We are safely and systematically upgrading sections of the Library lighting and controls to LED. Our focus is to improve overall coverage, social ambiance, and security. Areas we have highlighted include public meeting rooms, reading and social sections, entryways, and exterior areas—especially our parking lot. As these upgrades progress, we are confident we will notice benefits for our patrons and visitors, such as easier collection browsing and way-finding. Also, we will experience significant savings on utility costs, helping the Library manage a realistic energy consumption rate.

Our third most recent building improvement is Landscaping. In previous months, the Library has sought to improve both the aesthetics and sustainability of our outdoor greens. Our plan includes replacing damaged or end-of-life trees, systemic trimming schedules for both trees and bushes to promote healthy growth, and lastly, using bio-degradable mulch instead of chemicals for weed control.

All of these mindful projects help to exemplify how Manitowoc Public Library strives to remain essential to our patrons’ and visitors’ lives. We take great pride in our civic responsibilities to our community as the thread that intertwines with other cultural, educational, and governmental entities whose aim is to maintain and improve the well-being of society.

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