Seed Swap Coming to MPL

The following article was written by Deena Larsen and Tammy O'Connor.

Are you a gardener with way too many seeds? Are you a beginning gardener looking to try new varieties? Do you want to learn about saving seeds? Are you just excited about gardening? If the answer to any of those questions is “Yes!” then chances are that you should stop by the 3rd Annual Lakeshore Area Seed Swap at Manitowoc Public Library!

The 3rd Annual Lakeshore Area Seed Swap will be held in MPL’s Balkansky Community Room on Saturday, March 11, from 9 AM to noon. Our entire community is invited to take part in the Seed Swap. Best of all, there’s no need to bring seeds of your own to “swap,” per se. Just stop in and grab some seeds! Enjoy the great conversations amidst the Gathering of Gardeners. Think of a seed swap as a potluck—but with seeds!

So, you may be asking yourself “Who exactly are these enthusiastic people that know so much about the 3rd Annual Seed Swap?” That’s a very fair question! Allow us to introduce ourselves.

I’m Deena Larsen, one of the organizers of the event, and when you come right down to it, I like to save seeds so that I don’t have to buy as many for the next year. If there’s one things I’ve learned regarding seeds it’s that a person should, “Save the Best and Eat the Rest!”

I’m writing this article with Tammy O’Connor, another of the event’s organizers. Tammy’s inspired by, “all of the history, stories, and legacies seeds bring with them.”

Together, we founded the Lakeshore Seed Collective, which included creating a Facebook page in order to help to build a community of seed savers in this area.

If you have seeds you don’t plan to use, you can drop them off at Manitowoc Public Library anytime leading up to the Seed Swap. There’s a colorful box near the main circulation desk. Donating seeds in advance allows volunteers time to organize them for the day of the Swap.

There’s no cost for this event. The concept is actually pretty basic—bring seeds to share, take seeds you are interested in planting. And again, there’s no need to bring seeds if you don’t have any to share. Also, small envelopes will be provided so that you can easily take your seeds home without inadvertently scattering them prior to planting.

Most vegetable seeds are viable for 2-4 years if stored properly. Heirloom varieties are encouraged.

If you have questions, please check out the Lakeshore Seed Collective’s Facebook page or email Deena at or Tammy at

Additional information about the event can be found on Manitowoc Public Library’s website at

We hope to see you at the 3rd Annual Lakeshore Seed Swap. Granted, it may still be a bit chilly outside at the moment, but gardening season is right around the corner!

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