Library Closed on Sundays Memorial Day through Labor Day

Library summer hours are in effect. MPL will be closed every Sunday through Labor Day. All other hours remain the same.

Monthly Tutor & Literacy Volunteer Report

Tutor/Volunteer Information

Tutor/Volunteer Type
Check all that apply for the reporting month.

Literacy Tutoring Time

Time Chart

Please record your time using the amounts in the right column. For example, 5 minutes of prep time equals 0.08 of an hour (5/60 = 0.08).

If you spent this much time: Record this amount:
5 Minutes 0.08
10 Minutes 0.17
15 Minutes 0.25
20 Minutes 0.33
25 Minutes 0.42
30 Minutes 0.50
35 Minutes 0.58
40 Minutes 0.67
45 Minutes 0.75
50 Minutes 0.83
55 Minutes 0.92
60 Minutes 1.00

Program Volunteer Time

Includes event planning and attendance, training, in-services, and all other program-related activities other than tutoring.
i.e., Monthly Tutor Meeting, Awards Reception, etc.

Tutor/Volunteer Outcomes

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