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Library Mission: The mission of Manitowoc Public Library (MPL) is to promote a culture of reading and to provide access to information. Through services, we strive to foster an environment that meets the educational, recreational and cultural needs of the community.

Purpose: Manitowoc Public Library's spaces are designed primarily in library-related activities. When they are not needed for programs sponsored by the Library, they will be available for use by other groups, subject to policies established by the Library Board.

Meeting Room Use: The Library welcomes use of its meeting rooms by persons or organizations for informational, educational, recreational, cultural, and civic meetings. Meeting rooms may be used free of charge for programs sponsored by governmental agencies, non-profit educational and cultural organizations, and community service agencies. Use of meeting rooms for social gatherings (parties, showers) and for-profit entities will be charged a fee (see page 2). Priority will be given to library-sponsored programs, followed by city, county, and state agencies; nonprofit, civic and community organizations; and then for-profit and private entities. In cases where a library or library-sponsored use conflicts with an earlier booking, the non-library booking may be cancelled or rescheduled. The Library will make every effort to avoid these conflicts; however, time-sensitive opportunities may present themselves and the Library is obligated to pursue them to fulfill its primary mission. Scheduling of a meeting in the Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group or organization by the Library.

Recurring Meetings

Outside of use for library and library-sponsored functions, meeting rooms should be made available to the widest possible use of the community so long as this outside use does not interfere with the normal functions of the Library.

  • If the meeting room is needed by the Library for meetings or special programs, the group using the room on a recurring basis will be contacted and asked to meet in another location.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse meeting room bookings for groups whose recurring use of a room monopolizes that space and interferes with the ability of other groups to meet.

Room Use Guidelines

Failure to abide by the following guidelines may result in suspension of meeting room privileges.


  • All meeting room users and activity participants must follow the Library‚Äôs Code of Conduct.  
  • Meetings or programs which would interfere with the functions of the Library or of patrons using the Library will not be permitted.  Meetings or programs which are approved, but which prove disruptive to Library operations, shall immediately cease those actions upon notification to do so by Library staff.
  • No person's right to attend a public meeting will be denied or abridged because of origin, age, race, sex, background, views, sexual orientation, disability, membership or lack of membership in an organization or group, or for any other reason.  
  • Non-library sponsored events taking place in meeting rooms may not involve sale of items (with the exception of authors conducting book signings), admission charges, fundraising activities, or solicitation of donations.
  • A group or individual may only reserve rooms for a maximum of three months in advance.
  • Meeting rooms will not be booked for attendance of fewer than three people.
  • Occupants may not exceed the stated occupancy for the room and must comply with the capacity for the designated room setup.
  • Meetings of individuals under 18 years of age must have an adult sponsor present and remain present throughout the length of the program or activity.
  • Repeated cancellation may result in suspension of meeting room privileges.
  • Approval of events not included here will be determined by the Library Director, or designee, who is authorized to establish reasonable regulations governing use of the meeting rooms and related fees.

Facility Use and Safety:

  • Clean-up is the responsibility of the organization and persons using the room. Waste that does not fit in the regular bins provided must be removed by the organization.
  • Light refreshments may be served but cooking is prohibited.  
  • The Library does not provide supplies for refreshments.
  • Participants may not tape or attach anything to walls.
  • Use of any flames is prohibited, including matches, candles, incense, sterno, etc.
  • Use of balloons is prohibited due to sprinkler system safety.
  • Library does not provide storage space.
  • Groups are responsible for any loss or damage to Library property and will be assessed the cost of any necessary repairs or extensive cleanup.

Fee Structure:

Room use fees apply to profit-making organizations and social gatherings. Fees include use of media equipment but not supplies for refreshments. Payment for room use fees must be made prior to or at the time of the meeting.

Room Rates

Room 1-4 Hours 5-8 Hours 9+ Hours
Board Room $30 $60 $100
Franklin Street Room $30 $60 $100
Balkansky A $40 $80 $120
Balkansky BC $40 $80 $120
Balkansky ABC $80 $160 $200
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